About this Research

The purpose of this research is to look into how the use of a fully homomorphic election scheme effects the voters' perception of election security in the United States. We plan to look into how this technical solution would be able to be used in election systems from election day voting to online voting. This research will also look at the general importance of election security and why this topic is critical and neccessary as well as what role the perceptions play in all elections in the United States.

About the Study

A quantiative approach will be used to conduct to this research. First, a pilot study the survey, consisting of 100-200 respondents, will be conducted to validate the survey to ensure it is an effective survey. After the survey has been validated, a full study of 390-1900 respondents will be conducted. The large range accounts for factors to include confidence interval, margin of error, and the funding required to get the responses. By conducting this study, it allows us to learn about the perceptions of eligible voters in the United States on the current systems to determine if the current systems are adequate or if new policies and systems need to be implemented based on perceptions. We also hope to identify if the decrease in voter perception of security leads to less trust in the overall system.