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The Effect of Homomorphic Encryption on Voters' Perceptions of Trust in Election Systems

Publication: Southern Association for Information Systems Conference

In the United States, elections play a critical role in maintaining the democracy that is the foundation of this country. In the last few election cycles, technology has started to play a large role in elections. This increase in technology may have played a role in the emerging lack of trust that has become a focal point in recent years. Online voting use has started to make an appearance and will likely continue to grow in the future (US Election Assistance Commision, nd), further exacerbating technological change in electoral systems. There are several complex factors in this system that this research intends to explore. How exactly does technological change affect a voter’s perception of security? Would a technical solution, such as homomorphic encryption change the perception of security in election systems? We finally seek to determine the degree to which the perception of security affects electoral system use.

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